Easter Baskets: Inspiration for your own Easter Bunny

Easter is a time for family, and if your family is anything like ours it’s all about the chocolate eggs, my house will be heaving with chocolate come Easter Sunday and even a fully paid up member of chocoholics anonymous like myself can only eat so many Easter eggs. The kids get a mountain of chocolate and usually it’s ignored, popped in the cupboard and I turn it into rice krispie buns or something a few months down the line.

In case the Easter Bunny needs any help in deciding what to pop in those Easter baskets I am sharing my ideas with you all here.

Baskets always contain the same things, a toy, something to do, a book, something to wear and a little sweet treat that isn’t chocolate.

This year I have a double basket to make for the 3yr old and the 5month old, and I wanted something that they could share play with together as Rachel got a bit older and more interested in her big sisters toys.


So I have gone for the Grimms mini monochrome tunnel – we have the larger 12 piece rainbow version of this already and it’s a firm favourite here. Becca really enjoys building things with it, taking it apart and making it back into a rainbow again. This smaller one will be more portable for days out, appointments and our holidays when we have a couple of hours to kill waiting around. It is made from a single piece of limewood so each tunnel/rainbow is completely unique, it’s painted with a non toxic water based paint and the plain half is treated with a plant based oil so it’s completely safe for little people who like to taste everything except food.

Rachel is getting the Grimms rainbow bead grasper, she’s just at that age where she is loving picking things up, putting them in her mouth and exploring, she loves different textures and toys that make noise but isn’t keen on anything too loud. The 12 wooden rainbow coloured balls are tightly strung together with heavy elastic which won’t break and children can enjoy the feel of them in their hands, the texture of the wood under their finger tips and the gently noise they make as rolled about.


Grimms toys are inspired by the Waldorf Steiner education movement which advocates learning through play which is thoughtful and creative and has an unhurried pace to it. These toys will stand the test of time and I think will still be played with in years to come when a lot of the plastic toys have long gone to the bin.

Every night before bed its story time here for the girls and every time Becca catches me sitting down with a cheeky cuppa it ‘can I have a story mama’ so it’s only natural our basket has to have some stories in it. The Last Supper and The Easter Story are obvious choices we can’t celebrate Easter without teaching our children the reason for the season and these little books are fantastic, easy to understand, brightly coloured pictures and a little recap question section at the back for older children as well. Guess How Much I Love You speaks for its self it’s a lovely little bed time book for children all about how a parents love for them is greater than anything they could ever imagine.


The last few basket pieces are kind of essential items here at the minute, Rachel is teething and dribbling like mad so I picked these cute little bibs up in Sainsbury’s one day as I was doing my shopping and she has co-ordinating outfits for both. Becca loves colouring in and has worn her crayons down to nothing so a nice new set and a new colouring book for her to go with them.


Ultimately it wouldn’t be Easter without some sweets so a little pack of M&S jelly & chocolate carrots are a must and since the baby doesn’t eat chocolate (yet) some nice new bubbles for her bath which I sure both girls will enjoy.


I hope this has given you some inspiration for your own baskets for your kiddies and thanks so much for reading.


L x




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