Finding my Tribe

I haven’t written a blog post in forever! I’ve started many but have never managed to finish them, be it writers block, life interruptions or illness they clutter up my virtual desktop a jumble of half written, half finished words.

A lot has changed here recently, and a lot of it has been hard to deal with and a struggle to put into words without sounding flippant or morose.

As for our little family unit, we survive, we have come out the other side stronger than before.

It has given me an opportunity to slow down, to realise that every day I spend with my little family is special, every day should be cherished. I shouldn’t put things off because they don’t suit, from now on if I can do it there and then it’s getting done.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It’s also given me the opportunity to find my tribe again, reach out to those important people in my life who enrich it with their wise words, kind hearts and listening ears. They say your vibe attracts your tribe and for a good while I thought I had mine, then things happen, people change, people move on and you find the people you once thought were ‘your group’ aren’t anymore, and for a while that’s sad, heartbreaking even but you make it out the other side, with a change in perspective.

You realise that you don’t have time in your life for people who don’t want to make time for you, people who chose not to share life’s important moments for you. People who aren’t there when you need them most. The older I’ve gotten the smaller my circle has become and I’m happy with my small circle, because ultimately I know the people in it are the people who would move mountains for me and that’s the tribe I need at my back.

‘My circle is small but the love is enormous & genuine. It gets no better.’ Alex Elle

L x

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