A New Tradition

This is our second Christmas as a family of four and probably the first Christmas where my oldest girl is really starting to notice what all the fuss is about.

So this year we have decided to change things a little, we will still have Santa and presents but as well as receiving we have decided it’s important that our girls know that they should give back as well.

Tomorrow they will be the proud recipients of a 1st of December box containing some books, clothes, sweeties and our Advent Christmas Challenge.

This year we aim to show the girls how a little kindness will go a long way and that sometimes others aren’t as fortunate as we are. So as well as lots of fun days with mummy & daddy this Advent we will be getting them to help us shop and donate to our Church food bank, pick a toy for a child who isn’t as fortunate for the Cool FM Mission Christmas Appeal, and helping me clear out all their old clothes and some toys for a donation to charity.

As a family we won’t be sending Christmas cards this year either so please don’t be offended if you don’t receive one. We have decided to make a donation to Friends of the Cancer Centre instead as it’s a cause close to our hearts and one that needs our support.

I’m getting excited for Christmas now and looking forward to seeing my girls open their presents and know that in some small way they will have helped others this Christmas season as well.

L x

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