Snow Day Play

We all know the story you pull back the curtains and are faced with a carpet of the white stuff, in our house that means mad excitement to get wellies on and out to play. Except not everybody is so keen on the snow. My littlest hates it, the minute those little feet touch the ground it’s tears and I can’t say I blame her, she’s wearing 20 layers, it’s bitterly cold and she would far rather be tucked up inside playing in front of the fire. So if she won’t go to the snow, I’ll bring the snow to her.

We have always been massive fans of sensory play, and add in some small figures and toys (age appropriate) and it’s a firm favourite.

You don’t need anything fancy, I just grabbed some snow and popped it in a baking tray, added some duplo figures and a couple of spoons and she played away for nearly an hour. I can’t take all the credit for this one the inspiration came from the fab Julie over at The Daisy Foundation – County Down and if you haven’t checked out her page or her classes you really should they are fantastic and kept me reasonably sane after my first baby was born.

However this is an activity that could change with the seasons, so sand in the summer, leaves & conkers in the Autumn the only limit is your imagination!

So get out and get some snow gathered up before it disappears and I hope you have as much fun as we did.


Laura x

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